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"C'è un solo modo di vedere le cose finché qualcuno non ci mostra come guardare con altri occhi" – "There is only one way to see things, until someone shows us how to look at them with different eyes" (Picasso) – "人观察事物的方式只有一种,除非有人让我们学会怎样以不同的眼光看世界" (毕加索)

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The Holy Spirit among the youth in Viet Nam

Sr. Mary Tran 

The Bishop of Kontum diocese, Msgr. Aloisio Nguyễn Hùng Vi, recently came to our parish to celebrate the Confirmation Sacrament for 142 chidren. Ten of them are from our boarding school and seven belong to ethnic minority groups. Their parents came the day before and stayed in our house so that they could attend the Mass because they are living very far away.

The pictures are taken in front of the grotto of the Blessed Mother Mary.

(C) Huong Tran, Francesco Pesce


(C) Huong Tran, Francesco Pesce

(C)Huong Tran, Francesco Pesce