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"C'è un solo modo di vedere le cose finché qualcuno non ci mostra come guardare con altri occhi" – "There is only one way to see things, until someone shows us how to look at them with different eyes" (Picasso) – "人观察事物的方式只有一种,除非有人让我们学会怎样以不同的眼光看世界" (毕加索)

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The Spirit sends away the fears of the world

The Cenacle, which had seen the Apostles witnesses of the Lord’s Supper, is the place where they had been together to hear His Word many times and now the Cenacle becomes a refuge, a hiding place “for fear of the Jews” as the Evangelist John remembers. And the Acts say to us, “When the time for Pentecost was fulfilled, they were all in one place together.” (Acts 2: 1).

We have to remember that the Apostles in Jerusalem had few friends because they had been opposed to religious and political power, and they were considered  fanatical followers of one of the many messianic factions of the time. They threatened their lives to just preach that Jesus was the Son of God who was truly dead and truly resurrected. And in fact, the Acts tell us that soon the first martyr arrived: Stephen, who is stoned.

Today what are our fears, which make us lock in our groups? If we exclude the Church of the martyrs who, as we well know, still exists in many parts of the world today, we notice that there is also a strong temptation in the Church and among Christians to lock in an elite, often sectarian, excluding the world, seen as evil and an enemy of which to be afraid, and therefore tends to judge rather than love. It may happen that sometimes our faith, our Christian community, our ecclesial group, instead of being a space of fraternity and proclamation of the Gospel, turn into an impregnable fortress, where those in the interior judge the ones outside and also exclude them . “Outgoing Church” according to the teaching of Pope Francis also means not to be afraid and not to judge, but on the contrary be strong in the faith and widen the spaces of welcome.


It is in this climate of fear and closure that breaks the Spirit. “And suddenly there came from the sky a noise like a strong driving wind, and it filled the entire house in which they were.” (Acts 2: 1). In that cenacle that has become closed and frightened, the Spirit intervenes, acts and transforms it, changes the hearts of those deceived men and recreates a new fraternity extended to the ends of the earth. That is why everybody was talking in their native language, always remembering the Acts.

Even today the Spirit calls us to look forward, to open the spaces of our heart, to listen to the Word. The Gospel is not a script to be copied, the Church is not a museum to guard. The Christian community of the origins had the courage of the Spirit to welcome the un-circumcised, dared to write the Good News, and it was pilgrim to the boundaries of the known world. Today, it is our time to transmit ‘the Gospel that we have received’, without fear, shame, and wherever we go in this globalized world. “The Advocate, the holy Spirit that the Father will send in my name – he will teach you everything and remind you of all that I told you.” (Jn 14:26).

It is not a simple thing to witness the Church of Pentecost, because it is the Church of Joy (as the Blessed Pope Paul VI reminded us) but also of martyrdom. Nobody feels that we have not have to pay a price, even personal. On the contrary, living the gospel of sacred habits, locked in the sacristies, hidden behind the smell of incense is undoubtedly easier. The Spirit instead calls us to risk the paths of life, to walk the way (ódos), just as the Gospel is called in the Acts of the Apostles. The hardest language to speak is that of who we meet, who is facing us, who will be against us, perhaps believing they do well. The Spirit teaches us to talk about that too.

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在中国佘山朝圣地,圣母高举着她张开双臂的圣子,向世界展示祂对世人的爱与慈悲 ; 那里许多中国天主教徒朝拜“进教之佑”圣母。爱与慈悲是福音道路的主要途径,并体现在中国大地上。





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The Pope in Fatima: God forgives everything, fear does not belong to the beloved

 Arriving  in Fatima and praying at the chapel of the apparitions, Pope Francis returned to the popular sanctuary for the blessing of the candles and the rosary recital, according to the official Vatican program.
The Pope’s pilgrimage takes place on the occasion of the centenary of Virgin’s apparitions to the three shepherds – the Blessed Jacinta and Francisco, who    have been canonized and sister Lucia, the last visionary of Fatima disappeared in 2005 at 97 years. As soon as he arrived in the sanctuary, the pontiff stopped silently and prayed in front of the little and beloved statue of Our Lady in the chapel of the sanctuary that every year welcomes millions of pilgrims from all over the world. That same place where in that distant May 13, 1917 the Virgin appeared to three simple children, which is now crowded with an immense crowd of pilgrims.

 The Pope then presided the rite of candlelight with the choir’s chant. The clearing of the shrine is full of pilgrims, who are still arriving in the evening. “If we want to be Christians we must be Marian,” says Pope Francis at the beginning of his greeting. According to Pope Francis, we must recognize the providential bond that unites Our Lady with Jesus and opens the way that leads us to Him. When we recite the rosary in this blessed place and in every other place, “the Gospel resumes its course in everybody’s life , in families and in all world, “continues the Pope. Pope Francis invites us to be pilgrims with Mary,” teacher of spiritual life”, the first who followed Christ along the narrow path of the cross, giving us the example.

As the Pope reminds us from the beginning of his pontificate it is important to “give mercy to judgment”. God’s mercy does not deny justice because Jesus took our sins on himself, paying for us on the cross. With the faith that unites us to the cross of Christ we are free from our sins. Let us therefore leave all forms of fear because “it does not belong to the loved”. Pope Francis reminds us once again, “God always pardons, forgive everything.” Taken by the hand of the Virgin Mother and under her gaze we can sing with joy “the mercies of the Lord” and each of us can rejoice in the Lord, for the mercy he has had toward all saints and the whole people and that also came to me.

 In the light of the candles just blessed by the Pope a silent crowd recites the Holy Rosary, after which the Mass will be celebrated presided by Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin.

The Pope will celebrated the Mass during which Jacinta and Francisco will be proclaimed saints.

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Pope Francis pilgrim at the feet of Our Lady of Fatima

The plane with the pope left Rome and arrived in Fatima. This is the 19th apostolic journey of Pope Francis outside Italy. “I ask everyone to join me as pilgrims of hope and peace, and your hands in prayer continue to support me.” In a message addressed to the President of the Italian Republic, he wrote: “As I left Italy to go to Portugal for the centenary of the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Fatima, iI am happy to address to you, Mr. President, my deferential greeting and, while I am going to meet pilgrims and especially sick people from all over the world  that are going to that Marian sanctuary to find light and hope, I invoke the Lord’s blessing over the entire Italian nation, especially on those who suffer in body and spirit. “

Receiving a few days ago the Pontifical Portuguese College Pope Francis has explained the deep motive of his pilgrimage: “I will bring a wish of peace and hope to the world“.

“Our Lady of Fatima gave pastors a message against the tide – said Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin. We were in war time, in 1917, the prevalent thinking was hate, hostility and conflict; resumed as  ‘the useless blunder’ by Benedict XV. Our Lady instead speaks of love and forgiveness, of the ability to sacrifice oneself and to offer as gift for others. “

From the military base where he landed, the Pope will move by helicopter to the stadium of Fatima and then with the popemobile will reach the Marian Shrine where the major events will happen, culminating with the canonization of the two shepherds Francesco and Jacinta Marto. They are first children to become Saints without having suffered martyrdom. Tonight he will visit the Appearance’s Chapel, and after the vespers, we will do the blessing of the candles and the recitation of the Rosary. We too will be spiritually present in Fatima.

In the church of Saint Joseph protector of the carpenters at the Roman Forum, there is also a chapel in honour of “Our Lady of Fatima” (see photo).


The story of this devotion in the Roman Forum is singular. At the end of the 1950s, Brother Gino Burresi created a Marian movement of prayers devoted to the small statue of Our Lady of Fatima. The sincere prayers of the many faithful were granted many graces from the Virgin and various miracles, including one for a child,  daughter of a family friend of Pope Pius XII. The Pontiff wished to see this image, and he favored his veneration and wanted it to remain at the church of Saint Joseph’s carpenters. The Chapel is very simple and the silence inspires a deep prayer of conversion. Along with St. Joseph, the presence of Mary of Fatima helps to rediscover the family dimension of faith and the desire for peace.

Today, we will join the prayer that Pope Francis will make in Fatima for the entire humanity. Let us ask for the grace to love the Church with the same maternal love of Mary that illuminates the wonderful secret of the human life, the faith that reconciles. May the Centenary of the Appearances of Our Lady of Fatima give hope to everyone.

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Tanta gente insieme al Papa in preghiera a Fatima

Una testimonianza cristiana dal Portogallo

Qui a Lisbona sono tutti davanti alla tv per vedere il Papa che parte da Fatima per l’Italia: autostrada riservata per il corteo, migliaia di persone lungo il tragitto. È prevista anche la scorta dei caccia dell’aviazione portoghese fino alla fine dello spazio aereo nazionale. Chi avrà modo di vedere qualche immagine della diretta notera’ un entusiasmo che ricorda l’italia di mezzo secolo fa. Giovani, anziani che piangono o giubilano al passaggio del corteo, sempre con grande compostezza e devozione. Forse non ci si aspettava una partecipazione di fede ed emotiva di questa portata. Ricordava grandi celebrazioni a Roma come la canonizzazione di Papa Giovanni e Wojtyla. E’ bello vedere un intero popolo in preghiera con il suo pastore, sapendo che la Madonna che è’ apparsa in questo santuario santo di Fatima 100 anni fa prega per tutti noi. Qui in Portogallo è appena passata la storia. 

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La fede è una storia d’amore con Dio

Riflessione per il Tempo di Pasqua

La fede è una storia d’amore con Dio:” Se uno mi ama, vivrà la mia Parola”(Gv14,23), ci ricorda il vangelo di Giovanni. E noi abbiamo capito male, come se ci fosse scritto:” osserverà i miei comandamenti”. La Parola non si riduce a comandamenti, è molto di più. La Parola «opera in voi che credete» (1 Ts 2,13), crea, genera, apre cammini e spazi imprevisti e imprevedibili. A volte noi pensiamo che osservare le Sue leggi significa amare Dio. E non è così, perché puoi essere un cristiano osservante anche per paura, per ricerca di vantaggi, o per sensi di colpa. Ci hanno anche sempre detto: se ti penti, Dio sarà misericordioso con te. Invece la misericordia previene il pentimento, il tempo della misericordia è sempre in anticipo. Cosa vuol dire amare il Signore Gesù? Come si fa? L’amore a Dio comincia, con il lasciarsi amare d Lui. Dio non si merita, si accoglie. Proprio come dice il Vangelo di Giovanni: “e noi verremo a lui e prenderemo dimora presso di lui”(Gv 14,23).

C’è un passo molto istruttivo degli Atti degli Apostoli, dove al capitolo 8 si racconta l’episodio del battesimo di un eunuco etiope da parte di Filippo. L’etiope stava leggendo un passo del profeta Isaia, e alla domanda di Filippo “Capisci quello che stai leggendo? E come potrei capire, se nessuno mi guida?”(At 8,31).Nel percorso di avvicinamento e crescita della fede è necessario un insegnamento, una trasmissione nella quale chi è più avanti aiuti chi è più giovane o più indietro.

Tutta la storia delle Chiesa è percorsa dallo sforzo di mettere in pratica questa vera e propria opera di misericordia che è il trasmettere la fede.

San Bernardo, ricorda le varie modalità con le quali ci si può avvicinare alla conoscenza: “Vi sono coloro che vogliono conoscere solo per conoscere: e questa è curiosità; ci sono coloro che vogliono conoscere solo per essere conosciuti: e questa è vanità; e vi sono coloro che vogliono conoscere per esserne edificati: e questa è la vera saggezza; vi sono infine coloro che vogliono conoscere per edificare: e solo questa è la carità”.

Affidiamoci a Giovanni apostolo ed evangelista:“ il discepolo che Gesù amava”. Solo con amore si può evangelizzare.

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Papa Francesco pellegrino di pace in Egitto 

Pope of peace in Egypt of peace”. E’ il motto scelto per il viaggio che inizia di Papa Francesco in Egitto. Papa Francesco sta per atterrare all’aeroporto internazionale de Il Cairo. E’  il suo diciottesimo viaggio internazionale dove il dialogo interreligioso, e la pace saranno i temi portanti.Dopo la visita di cortesia al presidente della Repubblica, Abdal Fattah Al-Sisi, andrà ad Al-Azhar, la maggiore università dell’Islam sunnita, e incontrera’ il grande imam Ahmad Al-Tayyeb, partecipando alla Conferenza internazionale sulla Pace dove terra’ un attesissimo discorso. Subito dopo il Santo Padre incontrera’ le autorità egiziane, e poi fara’ visita al Patriarcato copto-ortodosso incontrando il patriarca Tawadros II. Con il patriarca il Papa preghera’ nella vicina chiesa di San Pietro, luogo del recente attentato rivendicato dall’Isis.

Colpisce di questo viaggio,l’attesa gioiosa e piena di speranza che si registra in tutti gli ambiti religiosi e civili egiziani. Dai mussulmani ai copti ortodossi e cattolici, fino agli apparati governativi e alla gente comune, Papa Francesco e’ riconosciuto come uomo di pace e grande autorità morale e spirituale.

Accompagnamolo  con la nostra preghiera .