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"C'è un solo modo di vedere le cose finché qualcuno non ci mostra come guardare con altri occhi" – "There is only one way to see things, until someone shows us how to look at them with different eyes" (Picasso) – "人观察事物的方式只有一种,除非有人让我们学会怎样以不同的眼光看世界" (毕加索)

Our task in history: to announce the primacy of love

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In the passage of the Acts of the Apostles (Acts 14: 21-27) Saint Paul establishes and organizes communities; I am the Body of Christ in the world. Names of people and geographic locations are involved when The Gospel becomes history. It is the logic of the Incarnation that enters into the concrete life of everybody.

In the text of the Apocalypse (Ap 21: 1-5), we see the Holy City descending from above, a city where all old things have passed and only love remains forever. We and our communities live challenged between these two absolute polarities: Christ the Lord with His Word and His gestures and the expectation of His return to Glory, when we will live together in the Holy City. Our task in history is to announce the primacy of love, is to become yeast and light in the story so often terribly dark. Our faith makes us – as Scripture says – “capable of enduring many difficulties”.

Easter is not an historic alternative, but it is the pulsating heart of our day, it is the concrete and living sense immersed in the heart of time and space. We ask for the intercession of Saint John the Apostle and the Evangelist, “the disciple loved  by Jesus”, to love more and better and to be masters in humanity as Paul VI remembers and to recognize us as disciples loved by the revealing Christ of our Father in heaven.

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"C'e' un solo modo di vedere le cose, finché qualcuno non ci mostra come guardare con altri occhi" (Picasso)

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